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✗:: Soka has long black silky hair that goes down to her mid-back. She is actually pretty tall, standing 5 ft 9 inches. Her skintone usually is seen to be a beautiful olive color. There are times when it's the depth of winter and she goes a bit pale for a small while. though, her tan complexion always comes back. Now, Sokanon really prefers wearing her old traditional clothing over modern wear. It's something about the happy memories it brings along with them. When she is alone and feels the need to wear such, she either wears some of her deerskin dresses or she puts the deerskin around her shoulders. Along with her moccasins. Out of all things, she held onto those closely. Other than that, Sokanon usually wears casual clothing.. like blue jeans or maybe even leggings. Along with a red shirt. She has a strange liking for the color red.. she isn't all too sure why, but the color is so bright and deep with meaning.

✗:: A woman who has had happiness and sadness. A woman who has suffered through painful wars, betrayal, and abandonment. After some time it would make a person very distraught. Before any war or contact with any other nation, Sokanon was a very cheerful woman. But after everything that has happened through her life, such as the rivalry with the Iroquois, the Beaver wars, the French Indian wars, her Indian reservation, ect. Everything is now much more difficult now that America became a country. Though Sokanon has her scars, she still enjoys her life and puts one foot forward everyday. She sometimes reminiscences when her and Francis were an alliance. An 'epic' duo they were. Sokanon in the past has shown an affectionate side to the Frenchman but most of her feelings have faded with time.

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The world was never always the same, thing changed from time to time to prevent beings of the earth from doing things and making their own path. Almost everything planned out for people was like a maze, a chain of events some would say. One route could take you down into the suffering and horror side of life, the other was the complete opposite. There was no other paths to take that was chosen to these beings likings, it was all layed out for them on a heavenly plate, they had no idea what to expect each time. But, some paths altered at times as they went zigzagged as you were tugged against them as some of the time there would be good things happening in your life, but as that second happens and ends, something is always bound to turn bad, whatever the cause it may be. It was always changing, and sometimes, it wasn’t the peoples fault, neither their personality’s nor their thoughts, it was always the Earth itself. The Earth had changed and moved through many eras around the time ever since the countries were born, England being one of them, the countries had transformed in shape and fought for other land, and through it all until this very day, England had survived.

The country was now generally walking the streets of his humble, yet, lively city, smelling the fresh air at last. Being that he was working in his small booth from time to time, focusing on his paperwork and doing his usual habits, it felt nice for a change to just go out and get some air. He was really walking to the café just around the corner from work, but because he had just said to his boss that he would, ‘get sum Rosy Lee’ he had to be relatively quick otherwise his boss would go mad and throw a tantrum at him. It wasn’t the fact that Arthur didn’t like his job, he just liked to see himself as the noble, gentlemanly country that showed pride in his work and everything that he so possible strived to do. But it was just the fact that his punk side kept kicking in from time to time, even when he was not at work. 

Arthur had had his punk moments, in the age when rock ‘n roll truly inspired him to be the man he was today as he listened to all those famous singers that seemed to make him live further in his life. He hated that the people of the world had turned against the most ‘decent’ music any being would have enjoyed as they went to go listen to things like as Arthur liked to phrase it: ‘techna.’ and ‘r&b’. All the occasional music that would scream in his ear and send him the most frightful headaches of his life, but overall, he was delighted that only ‘some’, not all, but ‘some’ of his honourable people were in fact punks themselves as they helped others around them to stimulate them back to that time of the most reputable music in years. He was a punk himself, only when he wasn’t working, like right now for instance. If he wasn’t at work right now, he’d perhaps maybe strumming his guitar in the local parks near the street, attracting the attention of individuals that passed him by.

But right now, he was currently making his way to the anonymous café he had hardly visited, hoping to get a nice cup of hot tea and perhaps some scones if they were serving any. As he sauntered inside, he instantly enfolded his arms around his body, regretting that he didn’t bring his raven-coloured leather jacket with him and the fact that he was freezing to death from the sudden cold atmosphere of the café. What was going on, had they lost their temperature, or were they just running low on money to pay their bills? He certainly didn’t have a clue as he strolled himself inside, his teeth chattering from the frostiness around him. He was sure that it was warmer outside as the summer breeze hit his face and form, what was wrong with this café? Why was it so darn cold? As he slumped onto the barstool opposite him ordered his cup of tea, he wondered what other bad occurrences could possibly happen to him, whether he was going to be gliding down that bad path of the luck.

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